Filming Drone

So you want a drone that may film from the sky?  A couple of years ago, in case you wanted to dabble in aerial photography or cinematography, you only had a handful of options. Today’s offerings, however, come with a variety of features and may vary from hundreds to millions of dollars, that makes attempting to find the right one daunting. So to help you sort out the good from the bad, we at DRIVE\/Aerial decided to put together a list of our favorite ready-made cameras drones available as of February 2017. This way, you will be all ready to film your family on your next vacation to Aruba.

If you want to dip your toe in to the aerial shooting market, the Holy Stone beautiful drone footageF181 is a good place to begin. This feature packed drone comes along with an attachable 720p camera, a push button return, and an altitude hold function which might help any aviator stay up in the air. Sadly, it does not come with an external gimbal to stabilize your footage, which suggests your camera is only as stable as your flying. But for the $109 price tag, this drone is hard to beat. We like to call the Breeze the spending budget DJI Mavic.

The only drawback is its lack of hand-stabilized footage. The portable design means Yuneec forfeited an external gimbal, so you will have to stabilize your drone footage in post production. But for the price and feature list The Breeze is a good entrance into filming from the air. Even though the Yuneec Q500 4K is a bit older than some drones here, it can make the list due to its modularity. The Yuneec Q500’s removable gimbal isn’t offered on any other drone on this list. This means you can unplug the camera And picture beautiful, stabilized 4K footage by hand. Sadly, it does not contain some of the accident avoidance features we’d like to see in this range of prices.but for the film director on a spending budget, its versatility is perfect.

The Xiaomi Mi is the most affordable stabilized 4K drone available on the market. For $459, you get lots of the bells and whistles that you see on the less affordable drones with only a slight loss of image quality, which is really only visible during editing and colour correcting. Snap 4K Vantage Robotics – $915 – Some time has passed since we last wrote about the Snap, but we are still eager for its arrival. We like the Snap because it has a new approach to modularity, and the safety guards around its propellers. What makes Snap intriguing is the fuselage housing the camera and battery can come off entirely and the propellers fold up, which makes it able to adapt to a laptop computer bag.